DID and OSDD-1 Info Carrd

Let's start with the basics !

What is dissociative identity disorder ?

And what is otherwise specified dissociative disorder - 1 ?

Well !
These are essentially disorders that fragment your brain into different dissociated parts that function separately from another.

Some may view these like fully separate people (which is valid)

But medically they are dissociated parts of one person that never managed to integrate into one full personality because of trauma.

The disorder used to be known as multiple personality disorder

Which is the name you may know it by but this is now considered offensive and outdated !

It creates what can be called a system as a defense mechanism !

The parts in a system / a Person with DID/OSDD-1 that share a body are called parts or alters !
Alter stands for "alternate state of conciousness" refering to how they have different sets of memory, behaviors, likes and personalities.

The way you develop this disorder is extensive childhood trauma.

That includes :

Disorganized attachments
which are defined as :

A parent's consistent failure to respond appropriately to their child's distress

Another Example are

Adverse childhood experiences
which are defined as :

Physical, Verbal or Sexual Abuse

Emotional or Physical Neglect

Mental illness, Addiction or Served Prison Time of another household member

Divorce, Seperation or Domestic Violence of/between parents or primary caretakers

Dissociation itself is something that everyone experiences at some point in their live,

For example spacing out sometimes is a healthy form of dissociation.

But if you experience it to an unhealthy ammount or it gives you distressing symptoms
(ex. amnesia , seperation from reality) then you may struggle with a dissociative disorder.

The four Major Dissociative Disorders are :
Dissociative Amnesia, Depersonalization-Derealization Disorder,
Dissociative identity disorder and
Otherwise Specified Dissociative Disorder.

The only ones of these that cause fragmentation are DID and OSDD-1

Most dissociative disorders are caused by childhood trauma and you cannot have DID or OSDD-1 without childhood trauma

Because they are essentially childhood and/or more extreme versions of PTSD !

What is the difference between dissociative identity disorder and Otherwise specified dissociative disorder - 1 ?

In DID there is partial or full memory loss between alters meaning that alter A might not remember some or all of what alter B did while they were fronting.
In DID alters are fully defined different personalities as in they can have different names, ages, appearances, genders, sexualities, etc.

OSDD-1 generally means DID but missing a symptom ! It used to be known as DDNOS

In OSDD-1a there is partial or full memory loss between alters like in DID but the alters might be more similar to each other then in a person with DID, as in being more fragment like or for example being the same person at different ages.
In OSDD-1b there is no amnesia between alters aside from emotional but the alters are as defined and developed as in DID.

How does that work ?

Well, people arent born with a fully developed personality/brain.

We are born with different parts in our brain being assigned to different emotions and needs.

A child has brain parts for being angry, happy,being hungry, needing love and so on !

What extensive childhood trauma does is it prevents these brain parts from integrating to make a personality without DID/OSDD-1, what we call a Singlet !

And instead these brain parts get locked behind dissociative barriers and develop seperately into well Parts/Alters in a person with DID !

A simpler explanation graphic by lioncuddles on tumblr !